Friday 25 February 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful V

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

Think I have a lot more positive things to put in this one this week! Well done Michelle on giving us such a good reason to be positive.

So here we go:

1) The lovely Ian (from Appliances Online) gave me £15 of Amazon gift vouchers just because I commented on someone else's blogpost about receiving the vouchers from him! He calls himself the Hairy Godmother and I have had fun ordering some books for my 100 book challenge. By judicious shopping I have ordered 3 more historical fiction books which I hope will arrive on Monday! I have made it to 19 books already and look forward to getting past 20 with these. If you comment on this post you never know if the Hairy Godmother will bestow a gift on you too ;-)

2) Despite the fact I gained a tiny amount of weight this week I have another pair of jeans that can be taken off without undoing the button! The belt I was using to hold them up won't go tight enough to make a difference so I guess that's going into the next charity clothing collection. Just need to get enough money to buy some smaller trousers...

3) I have persuaded both Treasure Trails Cumbria and Michelle from Phoenix Cards to join me for my World Book Day sale in Staveley Institute on March 5th! So not only can children spend their World Book Day vouchers but their parents can have some retail therapy too. Hoping that this is the start of some great business relationships.

To see what else is happening check out the blog hop below and don't forget to comment for a possible visit from the Hairy Godmother!

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  1. I hope your world book day sale goes really well.

    I was really lucky to have some money donated to a charity I support by Appliances online.

    Have a great weekend. Mich x


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