Monday 21 February 2011

Monday Review: Tangled in 3D at the Brewery, Kendal

Three generations of the family were able to take up the Monday special price at the Brewery Arts Centre today to watch the 3D movie and all pay the reduced rate. Yes there was a £1.50 premium each for the 3D version but it was cheaper than the other days of the week!

Having enjoyed the latest Narnia 3D movie (but with the proviso of it being wasted on my 4 year old) we decided to give the concept another go but at more young child friendly movie. It is classified as a PG for a scene of mild violence but it wasn't that much different from a U really.

Once again some of the 3D effects were amazing and certain things really did appear to be coming straight at us or to be reachable. On at least one occasion I saw my 7 year old stretching her arms to try and grab something. In fact I think the 3D aspect enhanced the movie and it seemed a really  good extra dimension. But what about the actual story?

This is Disney's 50th animated feature and it really has the makings of one their all time bests. The heroine Rapunzel is one of the new style Disney heroines as she is brave and feisty and does amazing things with a cast iron frying pan! Flynn the male lead is a flawed character and isn't your archetypical hero at the start of the film. The lead baddy is Mother Gothel who kidnaps Rapunzel as a baby. She is a nasty piece of work but Rapunzel doesn't realise this until well into the movie. 

The extra characters are equally well done. It is actually a nice change to have animal casts members that don't talk but are very expressive in their faces and actions. For many of us the horse Maximus was one of the best characters in the film. Pascal the chameleon also has an important part to play in making it a great movie. The scene in the Snuggly Duckling with the Pub Thugs had us all laughing out loud and all the thugs showed their individual characters really well.

As you would expect from a Disney animation there are plenty of songs interspersed into the action. If you want a taste of them they are on the official Tangled web page.

Altogether a great family film whether you are 4, 40 or over 60! Go and enjoy it with your family whether in 2D or 3D. Be prepared to laugh, maybe cry and ooh & ah in equal measure.

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