Saturday 11 December 2010

Saturday Movie Review: Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D

Would I be showing my age if I said the last movie I saw in 3D in the cinema was Jaws 3-D? Actually having seen the year it came out in cinema I really am getting old! This was with the traditional cardboard red green glasses and was pretty pathetic.. My daughter has a Barbie in 3D movie on DVD which still uses the cardboard glasses and is not particularly wonderful.

Any way until today I have resisted paying the extra money required to see a movie in the cinema in 3D. More and more movies are coming out in a choice of 3D or 2D with a premium paid for the 3D version. My children went to see Christmas Carol in 3D last year with their dad and actually didn't like the effect so I thought there was no point taking them. 

My children and I are big fans of the Narnia series, we have the DVDs of the first two Disney films and they are some of my children's favourites to watch. So when I saw the latest film was out this week I asked the children if they wanted to go. They were both very enthusiastic about the idea so I contacted our local cinema the Brewery Arts Centre to check on times. When they said that this week was 3D only with the 2D one out next week I was initially hesitant as this meant an extra £1.50 each but then decided to go for it as the children really wanted to go. Luckily they both still had birthday money left to pay for the tickets too!

When we got the screen we were handed the special glasses which I was pleased to find fitted comfortably over my own glasses. The children didn't seem to have any issues either. Part way through the adverts a message came up to "Put your 3D glasses on now". From then on it was very different experience to anything I've seen before. All the adverts for 3D televisions had the audience ducking to avoid objects that appeared to be flying towards us (must add a 3D TV to my Santa list !).

As for the film itself the 3D effects did add to the experience especially the dragon and the final battle. Much of the rest would have been pretty amazing in 2D too and the DVD will be added to our collection when it comes out! In fact my 4 year old found the final battle too realistic in 3D and took his glasses off...

So I give the movie as whole 5 stars as it was well filmed and the leading roles were expertly filled by young British talent. Those youngsters will go far. The effects are good but not over the top and if your local cinema doesn't add too much to the price for 3D I think for older children and adults its worth it. For younger children the 2D version is probably enough and a bit less scary - it has a PG certificate.

In future I will look out for 3D movies and may well go if it looks worthwhile. Can't wait for the final Harry Potter next Christmas as this should be amazing in 3D...

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