Monday, 6 April 2020

Sunshine and sharpening - Day 18

It was a day to don my Victorianesque teacher garb with long skirt and lace up boots:

After more than 2 weeks of social isolation I think it got to me a bit today as I wasn't feeling much motivation. I did rustle up crumpet pizzas with, for me, a cold chicken salad:

My only successful mission was to empty out my school bag and sharpen all the pencils!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Socially Distant Exercise - Day 17

My son wanted to exercise with me today so we needed to choose a local location that had plenty of space. We opted for the old canal trail which borders our street. At first there were quite a few family groups heading in the same direction, but luckily they deviated to a different footpath. This meant we had time to be careful about crossing stiles without using our hands:


We alternated between walking and running along the old canal and managed to maintain a safe distance from other walkers. It was only after we got back to Hawes Bridge that the number of other people increased:

It was a beautiful spring day and it was such a pleasure to see all the lambs gambolling around the fields:

Today should have been the Manchester Marathon I've been training for since before Christmas. As that is on hold until October I'm just trying to maintain my base fitness. My son is also trying to not lose his race fitness whilst all his clubs and races are suspended:

As we came back into our street I noticed that our community flower bed is looking amazing with all its tulips in full glory:

As I was only going to be getting the laundry in I decided to have a go at emulating Lauren Bacall in a little black dress and pearls:

The Mazzle is starting to come together. I am learning more about the location of the fells in the Central Lake District:

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Open All Hours - Day 16

With it being Saturday it was time for my 3rd gardenrun to make up for not being able to do a parkrun. Jason seemed happy to be marshalling again:

I can't seem to get up any pace as its lots of twists and turns! If you are unable to sleep then you can watch my full live video from this morning... A virtual prize for anyone that can tell me how many laps I managed:

Garden run #3
Posted by Lakes Single Mum on Saturday, 4 April 2020

For my outfit of the day I chose to dress like Arkwright from Open All Hours:

Friday, 3 April 2020

Fancy Dress Friday - Day 15

Joe Wicks had asked people to dress up for today's workout so I decided on my fairy outfit:

Turns out that fairy wings aren't great for crunches! However they weren't too bad for running in... I was finally out of quarantine so I decided to head for my favourite local cross country route. On the way I went passed a police van. They stopped and asked if I need sectioning! Then I was asked by an NHS worker to stop for a photo:

It was wonderful to a) be out running in the real world b) to be making people smile with my outfit. I managed to get some video clips of myself out on the old canal:

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Feeding the ducks - Day 14

The daily Joe Wicks' session had an added dose of cuteness when his little girl once again joined in the cool down:

My outfit of the day made use of my ex husband's old re-enactment padded jack and helmet:


I decided to join in with the duck feeding by taking care of our own flock of ducks: