Thursday, 19 July 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: Be More Wit Wit Woo #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

The blogging community is currently reeling from the sudden and unexpected death of one of the most optimistic and vivacious members Kate Sutton. Back in the early days of Twitter when I was a newly single parent she kept me sane with conversations online. She was an inspiration for me to embrace life and not care what anyone else might think! Rest in peace Kate.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful which I am sure she would have appreciated:

1) Insects

Its wonderful to see busy bees and butterflies making the most of the flower bonanza brought on by the unusually warm weather:

I am glad to have done my bit for them with the wild flowers in my front garden:

2) Clearing Out

We did another car boot sale on Sunday and got rid of some more bits and made a few more pounds for the holiday kitty! It was also a good social occasion:

3) A Trip Down Memory Lane

I went through lots of boxes in the garage for the car boot and found loads of treasures. This included the children's christening gifts, some missing Denby and this rather bizarre guinea pig I made in art at high school:

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Front Garden update

I thought it was time to do a follow up post to my gardening post from April! Things have definitely come a long way since I dug out the borders for bulbs and seeds:

Here was a my video update from last week when I incorrectly identified cyclamen as geraniums:

Here are some of my favourite wild flowers that grew from seed:

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Puy du Fou Historical Theme Park

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Before we went to France I had seen some Instagram photos of Puy du Fou historical theme park. So we booked some advance tickets to go for a day. It was an hour and a half drive from our campsite so an early start but it was definitely worth it!

On arrival we had to pass through a bag check and security scanner but it gave us time to check on the day's timetable. We only managed to acquire a Spanish version (and later discovered we could have installed an app!) but it was enough to realise that the Dance of the Phantom Birds was the first thing to go see. It was raining as we crossed the park, typical it was on the furthest point, and joined the huge crowd in the arena. I could understand enough of the French to get the gist of the show, not sure what my son understood! But we could all appreciate being close up to such an amazing variety of birds:

Next up it was the Knights of the Round Table. This was when we first discovered how the sets for the big pieces could actually move so much. Again the words went over my son's head but there was enough action with sword fighting etc for him to enjoy the show:

We then had to queue for a while to get into the Vikings show. It was worth it to be right at the front. This show had a bit of everything from fighting, longships and trained animals:

Friday, 13 July 2018

Wild Swimming in the River Kent

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

After our enjoyable swim in Rydal Water my daughter and I wanted to go wild swimming again. This time in the River Kent nearer to home. So we headed down to Sedgwick where there are some good pools for swimming. The water levels there are very low at the moment so it reveals the way the river has carved a passage through the rocks:

Although this looks stunning its not a safe place to swim as its tricky to get in and out of the water. So we walked along the river bed to find a more suitable spot:

We had to walk a long way on what would normally be under the water:

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: Proud Mum #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

I am joining in once again with Michelle for Reasons to be Cheerful this week. Its great to have things to make us happy and to share each other's pleasures. I look forward to reading everyone else's. Here are mine for this week:

1) Proud Mum #1

My daughter performed at her school's musical recital. She sang a beautiful song (maybe she will let me share it on here!). Meanwhile here she is with me in the River Kent:

2) Proud Mum #2

Here is my son on his way to 1st place in the junior school wrestling at Langdale at the weekend. He brought his SATs results home this week and passed with flying colours. He even got the maximum score for his maths!

3) Furry Mum

I have to include our furry family in this week. How could the sight of a guinea pig in a tunnel not raise a smile:

4) Blooming lovely

My wild flower seeds are now flowering in the front garden. When I walk down the path I pass the poppies with bees buzzing in and out gathering pollen:

That's it for me! I will now pop over and read all those on the link:

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Langdale Gala 2018

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
On the first Sunday of July its the Langdale Gala at Chapel Stile which is a traditional Cumbrian event. The weather wasn't typical when we arrived:

After signing in for the fell race the first event my son took part in was the school's Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling. There was a little mix up when he wasn't in the draw for the juniors but after I'd pointed this out he ended up winning and getting £5! This was a friend's son in his first ever bout as an under 15:

The flat races then started with traditional events such as sack, sprint and egg & spoon races. My son was in the sack race:

 and then I had to head up onto the fell side for the fell races:

Due to the heat all the juniors took the lower level route. There were some disappointed teenagers that they had to only do the under 13 route:

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Rydal Water Swim

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

On Wednesday my daughter and I headed up to Rydal Water for an open water swim. It was such a beautiful day and so peaceful:

We parked in the LDNP car park (note it only accepts cash at the moment) and took a short walk to a secluded little beach. Then we went out into the blissfully warm water:

It was so calm and still with just the current from the river causing any commotion:

Friday, 6 July 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: Family Fun #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

A slightly belated reasons to be cheerful so its just as well its Michelle being host this month! Its just been such a full on week that I hadn't had time to blog really. Any way here are some of the things that have made us smile and kept me busy:

1) Summer Fete

For once I made it to the school fete, for some reason my son's school always does them straight after school. Not only that but I was early enough to actually win on the bottle stall. Not a bad haul for £2:

My son had fun on the water bomb throwing game and eating cakes!

2) Fell Race

On the final race of the junior championship my son had his best finish yet beating people who have beaten him in all the other races. Not sure on his final finish position yet but hopefully close to the middle of the table.

3) Langdale Gala

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Review: Saal Photobook

Sponsored Post

I was offered a voucher so that I could try out and review a Saal Photobook. Regular readers will know that I take loads of photographs but hardly ever get them off the digital version and into a hard copy... So this was a golden opportunity for me to rectify that.

To start with I had to download and install the software to my laptop. This was a trouble free process. Then I had to decide which of the many photobooks to choose from. In the end I chose the 15 x 21 glossy book with 26 pages for £24.95. 

The hard bit was choosing which photos to put in it! At least getting them in was pretty straightforward with a little bit of trying things out. I sometimes used the auto features and at others adjusted the photos to fit myself. I was able to save the progress and come back to it and didn't have to create it all in one go.

Once completed I processed the order which again was very simple. Then I just had to wait a few days for the photobook to arrive. I am certainly impressed with the quality and feel of the book (I should probably have come up with a better title!):

The pictures that have spanned over a double spread still look amazing: