Saturday 12 February 2011

Saturday Review: Peppa Pig iPhone App

I was given a free copy of the new Peppa Pig iPhone App Polly Parrot to try out and review on my blog. The Peppa Pig Polly Parrot is normally available for £1.79 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at All the images used in this review are from the official press release.

The application has 4 different activities included in it:
  1. Talking Parrot - the player has to make Polly say silly phrases
  2. Feed Parrot - feed the right number of crackers that Polly asks for. There are 2 levels either simple one colour or a harder 2 colour game.
  3. Where's Polly - a sort of hide and seek game where the player has to look for the parrot in various rooms at Peppa's house
  4. Sticker Book - when the player has earned stickers in other games they can use them on a variety of scenes.
We had a few crashes when first using the application especially when my 7 year old played it - her 4 year old brother seemed to have less technical issues.

Both kids found it easy to play the games all by themselves with even the 4 year old needing little prompting. It was all done with a series of touches or flicks. After a couple of days I discovered that you could turn off the music - much to the relief of all the adults within ear shot (although the kids really liked it!).

Each game works on a different learning area so they cover maths, literacy and just simple deduction skills. My children both enjoy playing the game and were reluctant to let the other child have their turn. 

My daughter's favourite game is the Feed Polly cracker game as she can get lots of stickers easily. My son's favourite was the stickers though he also enjoyed playing the cracker game.

It is certainly a great app for both pre-schoolers and younger primary school children and has kept mine amused for long period of time.

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