Saturday 12 February 2011

Share the love of books 2011

I came across this tonight whilst catching up on posts on Mummy's Little Monkey's Blow your own bloghorn feature. It is such a great ide and fits in with my 100 Books challenge (click on the page link above to see how I am doing!).

This project has been set up on One Mystake at a Tyme and the idea is just to spread the love of books to our family, friends and the wider community. On this post I will set out how I am going to set about doing this in February.

1) I have been lending my books out to other mums at school to be shared around.

2) I am taking my children more regularly to the library.

3) On the blog I have done my bit to promote World Book Day

4) Reading more with my children especially my 4 year old son

What can you do to share the love of reading? To see other people's ideas check out the McLinky for this project.

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