Friday 18 February 2011

Fitness Friday - Week 8

This week's weigh in at Rosemary Conley yesterday was a nice little 1lb. That's now 20 lb in total since I joined Rosemary Conley and I need to really focus on getting to the next mileston of 2 stone.

I was trying to get back on track with following the low fat, low calorie and low GI menu plan. Did a bit better but still not back to where I was. I am measuring my portions and keeping a mental tally of my total intake. The portion controlled Solo Slim packs are so useful when in a hurry.

This has still not got back on track. For some reason I keep picking up colds which effect my ears making exercise seem a really bad idea! The lack of exercise is making me tireder which is then not giving me enough get up and go to exercise - a cycle I need to break! 

Plans for next week

I got the date of Lent wrong so haven't given up caffeine yet but am switching to half caffeinated and half decaf coffees. I think I need to write down what I eat as my memory can play tricks on me!

With it being half term up here I need to make sure we are an active family! Lots of days out planned which hopefully include plenty of walks. If the weather is bad then I will definitely have to make use of the Wii to keep the kids occupied

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  1. Great results! Keep it up :)

    Why are you giving up caffeine for lent? That sounds like quite a tough challenge!

  2. giving it up because 1) it will be tough ans 2) I drink too much coffee which isn't healthy!

    oh and thank you :-)


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