Friday 25 February 2011

Fitness Friday - Week 9

Not a good weigh in this week at Rosemary Conley yesterday with a little gain of 1/2 lb. I've obviously not been getting it right this week!

It's been half term I know that's not an excuse but being home with the kids for a week has played havoc with my eating! They are at the stage of constantly grazing and it is hard not to join in. When we have had days out with picnics or the odd meal in a cafe and I have no idea how many calories I have consumed. I said last week I would record my eating but it just hasn't happened...

During my daily life I have been more active and we have been out walking around as a family. I did manage the top level of class at the Rosemary Conley meeting but nothing else that really got my pulse rate up.

Plans for next week

No more excuse of having kids around from Monday. All the unhealthy snacks will be gone so its fruit etc from now on in. I've a free Graze box and a half price one and hopefully I can stick to the healthy choices from there. If you want a free box ask me for a code! My class leader Caytie said that its not the 90% of the time we get our diet right that we need to concentrate on but the 10% of the time we have the wrong diet with a bad choice of snack or convincing ourselves we've earned it when we haven't!

Kids won't be in the way of me using the Wii this coming week and I will keep the front room clear so I can get up and boogie again. We need to keep on walking as a family and all stay active.

Here's hoping for a positive result this Thursday! To see how everyone else is doing please click the logo above...

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