Monday 28 February 2011

The sound of silence

My house was very quiet today, there wasn't the sound of children playing/fighting/watching TV. After a week of us all being at home together it seemed very strange! For all of us it was quite a relief to go our separate ways at the school/nursery doors this morning and get on with our normal lives. 

As much as I love my children their inability to spend more than about 15 minutes playing together without fighting is hard work! A combination of limited budget and poor weather meant that we spent rather too much time cooped up in our small house. We did manage a trip to the cinema to see Tangled, a day out in Keswick and a trip to Morecambe:

But we had to spend the majority of time in each other's company and with the consequence of arguments and fights. The only time they could stay with each other was when they were sitting watching a movie or TV. 

I am so hoping that the next holidays at Easter 1) have better weather so we can be outdoors and not on top of each other 2) my kids will learn to get along better! For now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I now have 2.5 days a week with no children at home and I can enjoy the peace and quiet...

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