Monday 18 July 2011

Days Out: A Blog Roundup

As some people are off school already and the rest of us are looking at the end of the week with either fear or excitement (how many weeks of holidays!!!) I thought I would look over my blog and do a round up of posts I have written about days out.

Cumbrian Fun

Since moving here just under 12 months ago we have done some lovely things so here are some of them:

South East Fun

To go with these I also had a blogpost about Perpetual Picnics which are a great low cost way of keeping everyone happy on a family day out.

If you have any good days out posts then please add them to the linky at the bottom!

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  1. In this absolutely rubbish summer weather, we are often stuck for things to do with the kids that involved outdoor activity. They get far too long off school in my opinion. Four weeks is plenty for both child - and parent!

    CJ xx


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