Tuesday 26 July 2011

Top That Publishing Yummy Mummy Review II

This is my second "Yummy Mummy" book review for Top That Publishing:

Having really enjoyed the first 2 books we were sent I was looking forward to more good things. And I wasn't disappointed. For my 7 year old daughter I was sent Explore, Dream, Discover .... which is described on it's back cover as:

a travel-diary, memory-maker, doodle-pad, brain-engager, boredom-stopper, idea-waker, picture-keeper, captain’s log. A thought-provoker book!

It's a shame we aren't going abroad on holiday as this book is really geared around preparing for a trip overseas with places for writing down vocabulary or useful facts about your destination. At 7 my daughter is at the younger end of the target audience for this book and she needed quite a bit of input on it. She loved retrospectively filling out bits as if preparing for our trip to Mallorca:

memories of Mallorca

She has a very vivid and arty imagination so enjoyed doing the bits she has done so far. I can see that this would be a great book to get to entertain your older child when travelling. It makes for a great journal as well as providing plenty ideas for ways to pass the time whilst on a journey such as drawing your own inventions:

A way to transport your luggage

On the Top That web site its currently on offer for £7.19 (normally £7.99) so a good chance to get it. I look forward to doing the rest of the book with my daughter over the summer holidays.

My 4 year old son is currently mad about numbers so his eyes lit up when he saw that his book was all about Counting with a Sticker Activity Book. Doing some of the stickers kept him amused as we did the shopping in Morrisons!

The book was ideal for this as parts of it only require the included stickers and not a pen or pencil. I liked the fact that the stickers each had a page number under them so you could be sure you were using the right one. There are also pages on which your child can practice their number writing too. My son prefers the sticker pages at the moment but he does also enjoy writing numbers too. A fun way of helping your pre-schooler or Reception child practice their basic counting skills. This is also on offer at the minute for £4.49 instead of the usual £4.99.

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