Tuesday 7 June 2011

Top That Publishing Yummy Mummy Review I

I was delighted to be picked as one of the "Yummy Mummy" book reviewers forTop That Publishing last month:

Just in time for going on holiday we received our first two books to review: 

When I dream of ABC is a finalist in this year's The People's Book Prize and after reading the book it is well deserved (and yes I have voted for it!). It is a quirky look at the alphabet with amusing and nonsensical definitions of the entries which had me giggling as well as the children. The illustrations are beautiful and there are plenty of opportunities for interacting with your child by looking at the details on each page. My 4 year old son loved listening to the book and my 7 year old daughter enjoyed reading it with me. A book that was definitely a hit with all the family as it was amusing as well as educational.

The second book Hullabaloo was a much louder book and as my mum found not great for winding down at bedtime! On each page a new animal with its actions are added to the tale and my 7 year old enjoyed the challenge of trying to remember them all as we went through. Once again the illustrations are really well done with plenty to talk about on each page and my 4 year old had fun counting the animals and spotting where they had moved to as the story evolved. 

Both these books would make great additions to children's bookshelves so I hope more people can enjoy them too. I am really looking forward to seeing which books we get sent next...

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