Tuesday 14 June 2011

Getting ready for school

Last night was the new parents' evening for all of the families whose children are starting at primary school with my son in September. It doesn't seem that long since my son was born and hard to believe that in less than 3 months time he will be taking the first step into formal schooling.

aged 1 day!
We were handed a folder containing lots of information on how the school works and how we can help our child get ready for starting in September. Plenty of tips on helping them with numeracy and writing. I will be revisiting the joy of phonics with accompanying actions that I remember doing with my daughter 3 years ago. We were also advised to make sure that our children are able to dress and undress themselves, do their own shoes (velcro being preferred option!), go to the toilet on own etc. Luckily for me I've been encouraging my son to do this but I can now use the "Mrs Greenup says" phrase to get him to do things he'd like me to do for him.

They are getting the children used to the new school and staff in various ways in this term before they actually start in September. The teacher is visiting them at nursery this month and the children will be invited to take part in the school sports day next week with their own race. There will also be a couple of hours of taster sessions and a story time session in July. When they start they are phased in a little bit with 3 afternoons followed by 5 mornings before hopefully going full time. We've been advised that if our children can't cope with 5 full days then the school will be flexible as to their hours to make it easier for the child.

As his big sister is already at the school and he sees it every day I think this should be quite an easy transition for my son (ask me in September if it was!). His best friend from nursery will be one of the 20 in the class and he knows most of the others by sight. I think its more of a milestone for me as this is my little baby moving away from being at home with me 2.5 days a week! His big sister is going up to the junior school part of the school in September as well so she will find it very different. The autumn will be a whole new world for all of us and I may even be able to find work to fit in around the kids' when I only have 1 drop off and pick up to arrange. Watch this space....


  1. I have exactly the same age gap and I found my older daughter needed more support and had a harder transition moving into juniors than the younger one starting infants. They'll love it! Just have the tissues ready :-)

  2. Best of luck to both you and your little one! Don't they grow up so fast... I hope he'll have a great time at school :)


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