Thursday 14 July 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful XVII (#R2BC)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

On the whole a much more cheerful week so here's the things that have made me smile in the past 7 days:

1) A Wonderful Weekend

The friends who did the most to help me move out of my old home to come up north were up in Kendal staying with my parents. We had a great weekend showing them around Kendal, having a BBQ and going to the #CumbriaTwitnic. It was a very relaxed weekend with friends old and new. The fact the sun shone for almost the whole time was an added bonus.

Windermere from Fell Foot Park on Sunday

2) The Fells

See Tuesday's post where I got a chance to actually get out and enjoy the marvels on offer on my doorstep.

Grasmere from Loughrigg Fell

3) My Son's Nursery Leaver's Report

My son is leaving nursery next Wednesday and yesterday I was given his final report. I am one proud mummy after reading the lovely things his teacher had to say about him:
  • very confident and motivated
  • hugely creative and develops some fabulous play
  • His imagination is a joy to observe
  • has a superb general knowledge and wide extensive vocabulary
  • has a wonderful knowledge of songs and rhymes

The best bit has to be "you have been a super member of the class and we will all miss you". I think it could be quite emotional when he has his last visit next week.


  1. What gorgeous scenery, you have moved to a lovely part of the world. Your weekend sounded perfect.

  2. You certainly live in a beautiful place.
    I loved the comments on your son from his nursery. It says such a lot about both your son and his nursery too. They sound so enthusiastic, so positive and they have spotted someone who is going to get so much out of life.
    My son was creative too. He turned out to be a fantastic adult. I am sure yours will too. Pat yourself on the back!

  3. I used to live in Cumbria so know you have a very good reason to be cheerful every day.
    Proud Mummy Moment with that fab report which also means in case you have not worked it out yet that you are doing an exceptional job of parenting

  4. Your photos are beautiful. I have had some lovely holidays in Kendal and the surrounding areas. I bet it is a lovely place to live.
    My daughter is finishing nursery next week too. I will be quite emotional too. Looking forward to having her at home for the holidays though.

  5. great report - does make you feel proud, doesn't it x

  6. beautiful photos! you are so lucky to be living there. nice post. x

  7. Gosh the fells look gorgeous. What a lovley report your little man got. Enjoy this week.

    Mich x


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