Saturday 30 July 2011

Saturday Recipe Swap: Pasta Salad

Another week another recipe swap! This week's theme is summer recipes for BBQs and picnics - let's think positive and believe we're going to be eating outdoors lots over the next few weeks...

This is my recipe for pasta salad which my daughter used to eat by the bowlful when she was bit younger. It's nice and simple and you can adjust it to make vegetarian if required.

  • choose a nice colourful and interesting shaped pasta such as fusilli tricolore and cook the required amount as per the packet instructions (approx. 50 g per person)
  • drain and allow to cool
  • chop some ham into bite size chunks (omit for vegetarians)
  • chop up some apple and pear (unpeeled for more colour)
  • chop up some cheese into cubes
  • chop up some different colour peppers into cubes
  • toss all the ingredients into a large salad bowl and mix in mayonaise to make it stick together
  • serve and enjoy
Sorry no picture to go with this as didn't have all the ingredients in!

Please add your recipes old and new to the blog hop and don't forget to grab the code and put it on your post!

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  1. I'll write mine up soon. Meanwhile, I love the idea of cheese cubes in pasts salad which has never occurred to me to do before. Have great day!


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