Saturday 16 July 2011

Saturday Recipe Swap: Healthy Pancakes

Like many parents I'm always keen on finding healthy and quick recipes to get my kids to eat. This is especially true during the school holidays when they are forever hungry! So I'm asking for you to join in and share your quick and easy family recipes...

Here is mine for pancakes:

  • Choose a cup, mug or beaker of required size
  • Half fill cup with plain flour
  • Top up the cup with wholemeal flour almost to top
  • Tip flour into mixing bowl
  • Fill cup to top with skimmed milk (or semi if for under 5s)
  • Tip milk into flour
  • Crack an egg into bowl
  • MIx until smooth batter
  • Heat a large frying pan after spraying with low calorie cooking spray
  • When pan is hot spoon in as many pancakes as will fit:

    • Whilst they are cooking slice up some fruit and prepare any other toppings

    • Flip pancakes once they are cooked on the underside
    • When second side has cooked serve up and add your choice of toppings

    For a less healthy option as a special treat you could serve with cream or ice cream.

    So what recipes would you like to share with me? Get your thinking caps on and please join my blog hop!

    recipes I've been tweeted

    @LakesSingleMum Bagel Pizza, Tomato puree, thin layer of Sacla Sundried Tomato Pesto, Grated cheddar, Cook under grill, quick and yummy.

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    1. I love the fruit toppings - looks delicious. Thanks for inviting me to join - I'll link to you on my blog.


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