Friday 29 July 2011

Browsing Argos

At the beginning of the year I won some Argos vouchers in an online competition. This gives me an excuse to browse their online catalogue on a regular basis. Come on put your hands up if you do the same?

I have already spent some of the vouchers on some new furniture for the children's bedroom in the vain hope that it will help them to stay tidy! The open top boxes do make it easier for the kids (or me) to just chuck toys away at the end of play. Typically my daughter chose a girly option:

My son was lucky and grabbed a slightly bigger version that at the time was on special offer:

I liked the fact that the furniture was flat pack to be easy to take home. The kids had lots of fun putting it together. I wish I'd been able to get some of the Argos nursery furniture when my kids were babies as having come across it in the catalogue it looks like it would last longer than than bits I did get hold of! The combined offers appear to be a great way of getting more for your money when setting up a new baby's room. Really shouldn't get myself unnecessarily broody by looking at their range of pushchairs either - I'm sure I didn't have that much choice 8 years ago!

So now I need to keep looking out for ideas for what to spend the remaining vouchers on for my children's birthdays. I would love to introduce my son to Hornby but think I may have to hold off for a few years as he is still a bit young to respect it! He would probably ask me for Star Wars Lego. My daughter spends hours perusing the Playmobil section in the hope that she will get some additions to her collection. Although top of her list is a Nintendo DS and I can see that Argos so pre-owned ones to help stretch the budget. 

You know I really shouldn't have started looking at the catalogue as there are far too many tempting items in it! So I am going to close the browser tab to the Argos catalogue and I'll try not to come back until nearer my kids birthdays...

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  1. I'll happily admit to a small love affair with Argos :-) Great excitement as the new catalogue is due out soon. I love the shelves, they are the kind of thing I've been looking at for Miss P so I have an excuse to go and have a browse now. I know a lot of people look down on Argos and admittedly some of their stuff can be a bit ropey but on the whole I find it good value and I can usually find what I'm looking for there and more importantly, in my price range!


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