Wednesday 6 July 2011

#TheGallery: Grandparents

This week Tara wants to showcase our Grandparents. As regular followers of my blog know I was very lucky that until 18 months ago I had 3 grandparents that I was very close to. They have featured several times on here but I am always pleased to bring them out again.

My dad's parents' (Walter and Margaret) wedding in 1939
They were so lucky to be married for 70 years through all sorts of changes and adventures. Apart from when my granddad served in the pay corps during WW2 they were never apart unless in hospital.

My brother and I with Granny Margaret in 1977
My granny Margaret only ever barely scraped the 5ft mark but never seems phased by her grandchildren who all past her in height by their teens. 

Grandpa Walter with my son
My children were very lucky to have met 3 great grandparents. I hope that they will carry memories of them all their lives.

My granny Kay on her 98th birthday with my daughter

My Granny Kay in 1938
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  1. Lovely photos and what a stunning bride your Nan Margaret was! x

  2. Stunning photographs, what a lovely record of family history. I am sure your children will carry the memories, it's always such a special and magical relationship between grandchildren and grandparents – nothing quite like it.

  3. Exceptional photographs and the first couple look so very refined.
    All lovely though


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