Monday 11 July 2011

#CumbriaTwitnic at Fell Foot Park

Since I started tweeting as LakesSingleMum I have met many lovely people online but only encountered a couple of them in real life. So when one of the Cumbrian tweeters arranged a meet-up as a CumbriaTwitnic at Fell Foot Park on Windermere it was a great chance to meet up in a safe place with other tweeters and their families.

Windermere from Fell Foot lakeshore
As yet since moving up here I hadn't been to this National Trust property and people had been telling me what a great place it was for a family day out. I had friends visiting from Sussex with their teenage son and they were pleased to come and see what the park had to offer. Luckily we are all members so parking and entry were free. As non-members parking started at £2 and up to £9 for the whole day.

We arrived ahead of the scheduled meet time so headed to the adventure playground to eat lunch. With children aged 4, 7 and 14 it was a perfect spot as they all had something to amuse themselves on whilst the adults had a table to sit at.

All ages on the adventure playground

It was such a sunny day we had to beat a retreat to the shady trees on the lake shore to cool down. On reaching the BBQ area, which was the meeting point, we discovered that we had earlier been sitting next to 2 other tweeters in the playground but hadn't known! The children from the families got on well together despite having never met. There was plenty of paddling in the chilly waters of the lake as well as football on the grass. 

The grown ups had time to sit in either the sun or shade and chat whilst the children entertained themselves. It was great to be able to talk to people face to face I had only had conversations with using 140 characters on my computer or mobile phone. Meeting somewhere such as National Trust property was an ideal venue as it was very public and safe. It also meant that our children were happy to be there too.

My fellow tweeters in the shade

As a final treat we had ice creams from the cafe though it was hard to choose between the yummy flavours of Lakes Ice Cream. The children had one last go in the adventure playground and then it was time to go. Everyone agreed it had been a lovely afternoon out and one to be repeated. I will certainly be back to the park with my children over the summer (next time with swimming things!) and I look forward to future twitter meetups with my fellow Cumbrian tweeters.

Part of "Art in the park"

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