Thursday 21 July 2011

Nivea: 100 years of feeling closer campaign


NIVEA are marking their 100th birthday by celebrating closeness in 21st century Britain. We all know that being touched makes us feel better and in fact I’m typing this one handed whilst snuggling my daughter with the other arm!

The power of touch can bring us closer than ever together as a family, friends or lovers. We can bond together with a family hug:

Like many parents I have comforted a poorly or sad child with cuddles and stroking. Tonight I curled up on the bed with a very cross 4 year old until he calmed down. It comes naturally to most of us as parents and its great to share with our children. We start it with our babies and there is nothing quite like having a tiny infant nestling in our arms. This is why parents of premature babies are now encouraged to provide kangaroo care by placing the baby inside their shirt for close contact.

Buts it’s not just across the generations that touch can makes us feel closer to other people. Nivea have hi-lighted research showing that women who are regularly hugged and caressed by their partners have higher levels of Oxytocin and are therefore happier. No wonder that older couples that still show their love for each other with holding hands and hugs are happy and healthier.

There is even medical research showing that a gentle touch can encourage a frail person to eat. Even heart rates and blood pressure can be lowered just by the power of touch. What an amazing thing it is. This must be one of the reasons that when I’ve had a massage I come out with a better frame of mind.

To encourage all to get close to the ones we love Nivea have launched a million moments of closeness competition. They want to collect a million photographs of ordinary people enjoying moments of closeness with the ones they love. One photograph a day will be chosen to receive a £100 prize. I’ve entered myself and it’s wonderful to see all the other entries as well.

So go out and hug the ones you love and then share the moment on Nivea’s Facebook page and not only will you feel happier it may make you better off as well!

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