Saturday 21 September 2019

Reasons to be Cheerful: Glorious Cumbria #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 

We had an impromptu camping trip on Friday night, had to make most of the weather, so I am once again posting in the evening. There has been plenty to make me smile this week:

1) A good training run

It was such a relief to get out and run my required 9 mile run on Sunday and enjoy virtually all of it! Not only that but a decent time bearing in mind it was rather hilly. Made for a big smile at the end of it:

It's just as well things are going well as its getting so close to race day that my number turned up this week:

2) Skiddaw

The impromptu camping trip meant that my view last night looked like this:


I really want to get up this mountain before this time next year!

3) Quality Time

The great thing about camping is that it means no screens. We lead such busy lives that both of us spend far too long when at home glued to a screen. I was able to teach my son a few card games and he now has a love of Pontoon (aka 21) although he wasn't keen on whist:

whist by lantern camping

4) Whinlatter Forest parkrun

One of the reasons for camping was so that I could get to one of the last 3 parkruns for my Run Mummy Run challenge. It is officially one of the toughest in the UK due to the amount of up in it! I have to say that 168m of up is blooming hard work... I certainly earned my post run bacon sarnie.

Now it is over to you...

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  1. You're looking really well. Glad you had a great impromptu camping trip and I am off to google what whist is now. Mich x

  2. I always love your photos of Cumbria! Well done on the running and I see you have your 50th Parkrun T shirt (mine literally arrived in the post 10 minutes ago!)


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