Thursday 12 September 2019

Westmorland County Show 2019

I was lucky to be able to go to school today as a member of staff on a school trip. So lucky to get to go on a school day, but of course not able to enjoy it as much being responsible for children! It took us nearly an hour to get there in a coach due to the usual show congestion so once we got there we were raring to go...

First up we went in the Country Pursuits tent. My colleague beat a strategic retreat leaving me to be volunteered to hold this rather gorgeous owl:


The boys then voted to see the sheep so we headed through the mud to the sheep pens. An amazing variety of sheep breeds and good to get up close to some of them:

sheep at the Westmorland County Show

Then we wandered past the cattle tent before stopping to watch the carriage driving:

carriage driving at Westmorland County Show

We ate our lunch in the school's tent to keep out of the persistent rain which had turned most of the site into a quagmire:

mud at Westmorland County Show

We still had plenty of fun and rounded off by watching the most amazing display of axe work and lumber jacking:

It's such a fabulous celebration of rural and local life. I just have to hope I don't only get to go every 5 years!

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