Tuesday 6 July 2010

Perpetual Picnics

This is something I mentioned in a previous post about going to Legoland and I thought I would expand on it!

  • So what is a perpetual picnic and when do you need one? 
    It is a picnic that lasts all day and you don't need to sit down to eat it! So ideal for trips to theme parks etc. when you don't have time to stop or you are spending 30 minutes plus in a queue for a ride.
  • What sort of things are good for a perpetual picnic?

    Anything that you can eat holding in your hands without needing a plate and won't melt or make a big mess:

    crudities and dip
    cherry tomatoes
    bread sticks
    small sandwiches
    mini sausage rolls
    mini pork pies
    mini egg bites (basically anything bite sized from your supermarket!)
    melon slices
    pre-segmented mandarins etc.
    dried fruit
    fairy cakes
    small non-chocolate biscuits
  • what about drinks?

    small cartons of juice
    bottles of water
    any re-sealable soft drinks
    flask of tea / coffee
  • anything that is no good?

    things that melt in your hand
    if it needs more than a couple of bites its probably too big

So pack up your cool bags and go out and enjoy days out with the kids. Taking a perpetual picnic saves time and money that you can then use on something more exciting ;-)

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