Thursday 16 December 2010

My spa day at Low Wood Hotel, Windermere

Yesterday I had a rather gorgeous day at the Low Wood Hotel's leisure club and spa thanks to my gorgeous best buddies from school who bought me a spa day for my 40th birthday. It's taken 2 months to actually take it but it was good to have a complete break from Christmas madness this week.

I found the hotel after driving along the shores of Windermere towards Ambleside. It is in an idyllic setting overlooking the water:

As I was a little early I was asked to wait in some comfy chairs until the appointed time. A lovely South African lady called Ilsa then showed me into the spa area and explained the order of treatments I was going to get. These started with a lovely back massage which began by relaxing me and then worked on the knotted muscles Ilsa had found during the initial massage. It was amazing how knotted my shoulders were. My next treatment was a facial during which I lost track of the number of lotions massaged into my face, whilst one was taking effect I had a lovely mini head massage too! My treatments concluded with a manicure and what nails I have left were lovingly looked after...

When my treatments were completed Ilsa got me a voucher for the Cafe Del Lago downstairs and showed me where to go to obtain the light lunch included in the package. I asked the lady behind the bar what I could get with my voucher and was given a choice of hot or cold sandwiches or a jacket potato. I made my selection and then sat a table over looking the water. The hot sandwich I got was absolutely scrummy (if calorie laden as was blue cheese and peppers!).

After lunch I thought I'd better burn off some of the calories consumed and so got changed for the gym. This was a lot more high tech than when I last went in a gym as all the cardio equipment had TV screens and a dock for your iPod. Wish I'd known to take mine with me along with headphones! I had a 40 minute workout before deciding that as I was there to relax I ought to head to the pool...

Having showered and changed I headed into the pool area and decided to check out the Roman Baths first. It was so quiet I had the sauna and steam room to myself. After a cool shower I slipped into the empty pool and spent 10 minutes pottering up and down enjoying having a nice warm pool to myself. Then the lure of the outdoor hot tub became too strong and I headed into the cold for a nice hot dip! Must have been fab in the snow last week... I did another 10 minutes in the pool followed by the Roman Baths before deciding the gym would be a good idea.

So another 30 minutes in the gym trying out some of the weights machines as well as another treadmill session. Not sure this was part of the pamper plan but it felt good! I did decide not to overdo it and grabbed another shower to enjoy the pool to myself again for a while.

I finished the day with a pizza and a glass of wine in the Cafe as they had a special offer if you ordered from 4-10. Got my pizza and wine for nearly half the normal price and it was a lovely way to end my day.

Now I just need to find a way to get back to the Low Wood again. Unfortunately I can't even afford their £1 a day special offer in conjunction for Change4Life. Really need to get in shape and that gym and all the available classes and advice would be a great help. Oh well I can dream!

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