Wednesday 8 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas Day 8: Christmas Cards

There was an item on the radio this morning about the decline in the number of Christmas cards that are being sent in the UK. According to Mintel this really started in 2008 when the credit crunch hit. When I was listening today the reporter said that 1 in 4 "cards" is now an e-mail.

I know that I have certainly cut back on the number of real cards I send each year. If a friend or family member has an e-mail address then they get my e-version which is usually made with a photograph of the children. The cards I do send tend to be to the older generation who don't have e-mails and still love to have lots of cards on display.

As for my children now that my daughter has to write her own she's cut down from sending to the entire class and now just picks the ones she really wants. Last year I sent cards from my son to all his room at nursery plus the children he was friendly with in the other rooms. This year I sat down and asked him to hand me one card at a time with a name to write on it. I got away with writing 8 including for his teachers! He did really enjoy posting them into the special box at school:

So are you cutting back on your cards this year? Do you think its the beginning of the end for traditional cards?

For more Christmas posts go visit Cafe Bebe as this was her idea ;-)

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