Friday 31 December 2010

Fitness Friday

I have decided to sign up to be a "healthier Monkey"  as part of my healthier me pledge in 2011 (failed in 2010!)

Name: Becky
Blog: Lakes Single Mum
Twitter: @LakesSingleMum

Starting Weight: too much to put on here!
Target Weight: 11.5 Stone
Amount Lost: N/A
Amount to Lose: lots

Dress Size: 16 
Target Dress Size: 12/14

My Favourite Baddies: Wine, Pringles, cakes
My Favourite Goodies: Fruit juice, water, wholegrain bread, weetabix
Foods I'm Cutting (Cold Turkey): Crisps, Biscuits, booze
Foods I'm Adding: More vegetables, more fruits.

Why I want to lose weight:
I want to be healthy. I had lost lots of weight and it felt great and then my marriage broke down and it all piled back on. Being fit and active will help me and my children to live healthier lives.

My Fitness Plan:
Actually use the Wii Fit and the other games we have to play on there. 

Carry on with my Rosemary Conley classes and see if I can get to another one. Continue to keep walking lots. Get my kids out and about as much as possible.

Top Tips to Keep on Track with Fitness Friday:
Follow the #1BabyElephant and #FitnessFriday Twitter Hashtag/s. Follow the Monkeying Around Blog. Join the BECKICKLESIE Forum to ensure you're up to date with Fitness Friday news. Add the Fitness Friday Badge to your blog for easy access to the link up, you can get the code and instructions from the BECKICKLESIE Forum. There's also a Group on British Mummy Bloggers to join - check it out here.


  1. Good luck darling! Make sure you keep us posted each Friday.

    I have used the Wii Fit in the past, but I'm on the PS3 Active 2 this time.

    I'm not brave enough to face the gym just yet ;) x

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  3. Good luck Im sure you will do really well. I am hoping that the fitness friday will help us to stick to our diet and excercise with out cheating lol (I think I will be the first!)
    Look forward to seeing our next post


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