Friday 3 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas Day 3: Alternative gift ideas

It's day 3 of Karin's Countdown to Christmas challenge! Time to think about others today and alternative gifts that can either help other people or that last longer than just Christmas Day...

Charity Gifts

Oxfam are one of the charities that offer a chance to make a gift to the Third World on behalf of someone else. With prices ranging from £5 for a bag of fertiliser to £1,700 for a classroom there is something for every budget! Helps you to feel good and prevents an unwanted gift being returned in January...

For other charities doing similar things check out the Charity Gifts website where prices range from £2 and you can do things like adopt an animal or send fermented cow's urine to Africa (apparently it a natural pesticide!).

Year Long Presents

Why not pay for your family member or friend to have membership of something that they could enjoy all year? Maybe the National Trust or English Heritage for interesting days out. Or for the more adventurous a Merlin Pass or membership of a local zoo or theme park.

Magazine subscriptions are also a great gift that brings your recipient multiple pleasures throughout the year. The Magazine Subscription web site has 1000s to choose from.

A Special Day Out

Give them their own Red Letter Day or a trip to a Spa. Many people get pleasure from Theatre Tokens when they can choose when and where to spend them.

Can you think of anything else that would make a great alternative to a bog standard Christmas present?

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