Friday 10 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas Day 10: School Nativity

Today was my daughter's school nativity. It was the turn of the Infants (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) to entertain their families to half an hour of Christmas entertainment. As the head teacher said it's one of the highlights of the school year. 

The hall was packed with parents, siblings, grandparents and in our case great granny. I took my granny along as she has never seen one of the great grandchildren perform. My aunt was disappointed to be too ill to come along. The grandparents are going to have to wait until the DVD comes out to see it! The anticipation was mounting as we sat looking at the big red curtain:

There was a collective "Aah" as the curtain rose on the cast of 60 children aged 4-7 in their nativity costumes. The school didn't restrict recording of the show via camera or video so there were quite a lot of flashes but nothing got in the way.

nicely blurred to not upset parents!
The children had created the show themselves and helped to cast the parts. All the year 2 children had at least one line and the year 1 and Reception were all playing their part and looking cute! My daughter had the title role of Grumpy Innkeeper and was dressed in her medieval shift, a borrowed cap and a fake beard...

The show had its mix of applause, laughter and ahs with lines delivered with varying amounts of confidence and volume. My poor granny only heard the singing and my daughter's very loud "Round the back" lines. With lots of little ones in the audience there was plenty of noise from the public as well as the stage but that's all part of school productions.

A well earned round of applause at the end. Roll on son's nursery nativity next week with him as a shepherd! Very proud of my girl with her first speaking role. Looking forward to revisiting the experience when I get the official DVD.

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