Saturday 11 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas Day 11: La Posada

Tonight my daughter and I welcomed some very special visitors into our home who are travelling to Bethlehem and need some shelter on the way. La Posada is a South American tradition which involves the whole community. Joseph, Mary and their donkey are carried to seek a different lodging every night. In South America this is an excuse for having a party after they have been welcomed with prayer.

We have made them a little home for the night and said prayers for those in today's world that are seeking shelter tonight as they have no home or are refugees like Joseph and Mary became after the birth of Jesus:

Tomorrow we will take them on the next leg of their journey which will end in our church on Christmas Day morning. Its lovely to be able to part in such a tradition which is totally removed from the commercialisation of Christmas.

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  1. I guess the store was all out of Middle Eastern skin-coloured wool :)


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