Tuesday 28 December 2010

Monopoly - Like Marmite Love it or Hate it?

My 7 year old is really getting into Monopoly now. I started her on the Junior version a few years ago but tonight she was launched on the proper grown up version. She couldn't remember what the game was called when wanting to play at my parents and called it "Pinocchioply". Eventually we worked out what she wanted and my parents volunteered to play (I was distracting her little brother with a sticker book he got).

She really seemed to get on well with the mental arithmetic required and I think she could eventually pick up the necessary strategy required, as she managed to beat my parents in a time constrained game. When we got home and her little brother was safely in bed she dug out our unopened retro version of the game and set it up ready to play (think she short changed us on the money front!). I set a 30 minute time limit and off we went. She has certainly matured enough lately to take the set-backs the game throws at you without tantrums.

It was enjoyable playing with her as I haven't been able to play a game for quite some time. As a child my family were big board gamers and would sit down every weekend and play something. Being able to do this with my own child is lovely.

Are your family into board games or do you just find them boring? The longer I can keep my kids away from game console addiction the better and family games we can share are a great way to try and do this. I did my 4 year old some Chad Valley games for his birthday and Christmas and hope that he develops the patience to sit still long enough to play them!


  1. I love Monopoly - It's my favourite ever game.

  2. We just started playing this over the Christmas with our 8 yo, he LOVES it and it is great for practicing with 'money' and maths. He is a property tycoon though, he is beating us all hands down!! Jen

  3. I've always loved Monopoly. But I prefer Vegemote to Marmite!



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