Friday 24 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas Day 24: Christmas Angels

We've had a lovely start to the Christmas weekend with a children's service at our local church. When we got there they were looking for volunteers to dress up for a nativity. My 4 year old son turned down the opportunity to be a shepherd and opted to be an angel instead. He was kitted out with a chorister's surplice and a tinsel halo. His big sister asked to be a king and was glad in a cardboard crown and a velvet cloak.

By the time the service started a full cast of children were suitably attired. As the service went on each group was ushered on stage at the appropriate moment with the Innkeeper being acted by a rehearsed teenager and other parts voiced by adults. They then disappeared behind the curtain. In between we all sang carols. It made an interesting cast from age 2 upwards.

Very bravely my son and his fellow angels paraded round the church with lit candles! Have to say he was moving very carefully. He looked amazingly angelic with all the girl angels:

When all the cast had been ushered behind the curtain the Innkeeper went to see what all the fuss was about and the curtain dropped to reveal all the cast arranged in a candlelit tableau:

A truly beautiful way to start the proper Christmas Celebrations! For more go to Cafe Bebe.

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