Friday 10 June 2011

#FlashbackFriday: Toddler Video

Time to try something different this week as I realised I'd never put any video up on here! I was trawling through my old files and I came across some videos taken when my son hadn't been walking very long. I'm not actually sure of the date but it may have been February 2008 when my son was 16 months old. Apologies for the fact my voice is rather high on this (why do we do that when talking to small children?). It was a time when he was starting to show his character and being mobile was making my life much more interesting...

The rugby shirt he's wearing was the smallest one available! This was taken on Hastings beach and he still loves throwing pebbles... It's great to see video as well as looking at still photographs of the time as it captures more of a feel of the time. Here is an accompanying photograph of his sister on the same day:

Even then she was quite happy to play in a little space of her own and make up her own adventures (though back then it wasn't Dr Who!). This was 7 months before she started at primary school and she was maturing rapidly. Quite strange comparing her then with her brother now who is 3 months away from starting at primary school...

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