Thursday 16 June 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful XIII (#R2BC)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

My 13th entry in this lovely linky! Good job I'm not superstitious and that I love the number 13 being born on the 13th of October ;-) So here we go on my Reasons to be Cheerful this week:

1) Party in the Park

Well the weather didn't hold (in fact it started raining the moment the vicar declared it open!), but over 7,000 people came to enjoy the free events and the entertainers carried on regardless. My dad and children had a lovely afternoon with face painting, hot dogs, cakes, bouncy castles and my son even won a coconut. We now have just under a year to wait for the next one!

2) Blooming lovely

One of the benefits of all this rain is that my garden is looking great (in places!), I inherited some lovely rose bushes from the owner and they have been blooming in rotation. The little apple tree is also looking good for some juicy apples this autumn:

3) Space

I have such fab bunch of mummy friends that meet every Wednesday at our church for coffee, tea, cake, a chat and bible study. It's a valuable place for us to share our worries and joys without being judged and to feel supported. Some lovely older ladies run a creche so that most of us get some child free time which can be invaluable. So glad I have this time once a week as it gives me a breathing space and time to gain strength from other mums.


  1. Love number 3 in particular as have struggled with that myself and wish I had reached out to other mums when I became one. I miss having close and reliable female friends.
    Lovely flower and yeah to a great event too.
    My try is at

  2. I love the number 13 as well - it's my lucky number!
    How lovely that you have a regular place to catch up and get support x

  3. that rose is so lovely, i have ever had much success with roses. i get so much pleasure from my garden too.

  4. Lovely rose. the garden is beautiful at this time of year, isn't it? No 13 can be lucky.

  5. I am glad there is some benefit to this un-Summer like weather :-)

    I really love the number 13. We were 13 years together when we got married (to the day) and I had 13 red roses in my bouquet.

    Women's cycles rotate every 28 days, and if the year was based on those LUNAR cycles, there would be 13 months in the year.

    13 is a very natural, very feminine number.

    Liska x

  6. Gorgeous rose, worth the rain to see your garden looking that beautiful I guess. Its great you have such a close group of friends too, a very good reason to feel cheerful!

  7. Ohh your Wednesday group sounds wonderful, I wish I lived closer!

    Mich x


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