Monday 27 June 2011

Money saving Monday: hair cuts

Like many people trying to balance the budget I've found that getting my hair cut hasn't happened for months as the money has been spent on other things! After 6 months and with my hair now looking very shabby and needing tying back, I was tempted by this sign that I saw whilst I was walking down Finkle Street in Kendal:

I nipped in quick to the David Graham salon and made an appointment before I spent the money again! I was warned that the cut would take up to 3 times longer than with a normal stylist due to interruptions and consultation with the senior hairdressers. Not a problem when I got an appointment on a day that my kids were both in school and I wasn't working.

I went in today and was well looked after by Amy the trainee. Yes the cut took longer than normal but it was a nice relaxing experience and it was reassuring that she double checked with the senior stylists at various points in the cut. I should have taken a pic in the salon because my the time I walked home in the heat the finished look isn't as good as it was when I left!

There are plenty of hair salons in Kendal also offering a similar service and also Kendal College offers cuts from trainee hairdressers. I'm sure that in most towns and cities you can find a similar offer. So if you've been putting off getting your hair cut because of the cost then keep your eyes peeled whilst walking around to see where you can get a bargain haircut.

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  1. Good advice and sounds like a great experience! Glad you are pleased with the results too. I really ought to get my mop out of a ponytail! :)


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