Saturday 11 June 2011

Out of the mouths of babes....

I had one of those conversations with my 4 year old son this morning:

My son: Mummy can I do a wee before I get dressed?

Me: I'd never stop you doing a wee or you'll end up with a kidney like your sister (she has one kidney smaller than the other due to urine infections)

My son: But mummy I don't have a kidney I have a willy!


This will now go down in family folklore along with previous comments from his older half siblings:

Me: it's a bit draughty in here

7 year old Step-daughter: I can't see any giraffes


Grown up: It's all down to the genes you've got and you haven't got those particular genes

Child: But I am wearing jeans!

I'm sure I've said silly things as I've been growing up and that all of us can think of similar moments that have the grown ups laughing and the children looking puzzled. What can you remember?

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