Saturday 18 June 2011


It has been a horrendous couple of days which has been extremely stressful and tiring for me. First of all it was the after school recreation ground shenanigans (for more about that see here) which has to be a parenting low point.

Then on Thursday night the intermittent niggling toothache I've had for a while set up home with a vengeance. A maximum dose of painkillers had little effect so I had to check out the local emergency dental clinic at the Westmorland General. Luckily by calling first thing in the morning I got an appointment for the same evening. So straight after my son's football class we headed up to the hospital (my daughter had fortunately been kidnapped by other relatives). Probably not surprisingly there was a delay going in but the waiting room had toys for my son and magazines for me. 

Once in the very nice dentist quizzed me about my symptoms and gave me a thorough check (due to moving and waiting list I hadn't seen a dentists for 2 years. He gave me 2 bits of bad news:

  1. Due to me compensating for a tooth being removed on my right side 2 years ago I had overworked the muscles on the left. In order to fix this I have to avoid eating large pieces of food such as whole apples or raw carrots. Hopefully this will eventually stop being a problem.
  2. One of my wisdom teeth was rotten and needed to be extracted straight away!
So they arranged for my son to have the main waiting room to himself so he didn't have to watch, gave me a couple of anaesthetic injections and then the nurse needed to hold my head whilst the dentist persuaded my tooth to leave my jaw. Typically my son popped his head in the door just as it came out! A lot less painful than my previous extraction thank goodness.

Eventually we all got home and I zapped the car lock with relief and got us all to bed. This morning we all were amazingly up and ready in time for my daughter's school coffee morning. When I unlocked the car I thought the car looked messier than normal but thought one of the kids had thrown some stuff in the front as they got out. Then I saw that the contents of my car door pocket were in the footwell. The final clue was the open glove box and I realised that someone had been rummaging in my car overnight! The sat nav was still in the glovebox but my hidden books' money box with small change in it had gone. They had also tipped out the kids' activity and spare clothes bags whilst hunting for the money box key and they seem to have taken the keys to my roof bars and roof box.

When I reported to the police station I was told that there had been a spate of cars being broken into for the little bits of money most people keep there. All the emergency car park and supermarket bits and pieces we stash in the nooks and crannies! The sat navs and mobile phones aren't being taken so they are obviously after quick cash. Luckily for me the money box only had my small change left in for book sales as I'd taken out the last of the pound coins and notes earlier this week!

I have to say I now feel less safe in my little cul de sac than I did before this morning and I'm contemplating getting a security light put up to stop it being such a dark and secluded little drive. I am sure that I locked the car last night but I will now double check each time. There is a potential mark on the door where they may have broken in but I will never know whether  I did lock it! Of course the stuff taken was well below my insurance levels even with getting new keys for the roof box so I'll just have to lump it and hope they catch the thieves... but I'm not holding my breathe.


  1. Oh you poor thing. Being broken into however it happens is a huge violation of your privacy. Do get that security light up as soon as you can.

    Hope the toothache has now gone away.

    CJ xx

  2. Oh god that is awful what a crap time you've had. I would be the same as you and thinking of a security light. I am constantly checking car doors and house doors and windows as I keep thinking I havent locked them. Hope you start feeling a little happier with where you are.


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