Friday 24 June 2011

Sport's Day

Yesterday was my daughter's first sports day at her new school. After experiencing my first one at her old school I was pleased that her new school also went for a very traditional set of competitive events with the individual results adding up into a team total. A good crowd of parents, siblings, grandparents and others were there to cheer on the races along with most of next year's reception intake who had been invited along.

Due to the potential for inclement weather the proceedings were conducted with alacrity with the children for the next event ready to go once the previous event had finished. A team of year 6 pupils were on hand to reset the equipment to reduce delays. The afternoon kicked off with the obstacle race which raised plenty of laughs especially when the year 6 children couldn't crawl under the chairs as they were too big... At the end of each event the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place child were handed a token to hand over to the scorers.

Other events included skipping, tangerine & spoon race, flat racing and the spud race. It was great to see such enthusiasm from so many children and some of them were really fast. My daughter had 2 events and in the first (tangerine and spoon) she finished in 3rd place. Her second event was the flat race where despite doing her best she was last across the line:

Her little brother had his own race alongside a bunch of other 4 and 3 year olds. It was such a mix of heights and sizes on the start line and they all gave it their utmost as they ran towards the line. My son was in the lead group across the line and they were all awarded a sticker for taking part.

The last children's events were the fell races for the eldest children. A traditional Cumbrian sport that many of the youngsters showed promise for in the future as they raced up the school hill and back down again. The afternoon rounded off with a parents' bean bag race - during which I'm sorry to report there was plenty of cheating!

Lots of hoarse voices and sore hands in the audience at the end of the day but lots of happy children and grown ups. I am pleased to report that my daughter's team won the overall competition so I'm glad she did her bit with her 3rd place. 

With the Olympics next year its great to see a school encouraging competitive sports with all the children involved. No-one seemed upset by not being placed in their race and they all made a great effort to try and do their best.

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  1. Fabulous photo! Love the idea of getting Yr6 to reset the races, too; at ours, the kids had to replace the equipment themselves, which took longer than the races *sigh*.


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