Wednesday 15 June 2011

#TheGallery: Dads

In honour of Father's Day Tara has picked the topic of Dads for this week's gallery theme. My dad is very close to my heart as was his dad my granddad. So in honour of the theme I bring you photographs of my granddad and the other men from his side of the family that make my paternal line doing what dads do best:

My great grandfather Owen Evan Jones paddling with 4 of his children in the 1920s

My Great Grandpa Charles Band cuddling his eldest grandson Owen in the 1940s

My grandfather Walter cuddling my son in 2007

My dad having cuddles with my son last year

When Tara gets the linky up you can check out all the other fab dad photographs that are doing the rounds this week!


  1. What a lovely trip down your family tree from past to present and what a strong line of men too!

  2. Oh my word what a beautiful post! Love the old photo of your Great Grandfather...Its quite rare to see photos of men from that era playing with their children...He must have been a real modern man...Fab! x

  3. Becky, what fabulous photographs - love the flat cap, they made me feel emotional - powerful photos full of life and interest.


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