Tuesday 15 March 2011

A Return to the YES Jar

Back in October I posted about starting to use a Yes Jar to help modify my daughter's behaviour. I have to admit it didn't get off to a great start with more No tickets than Yes tickets going in but it did start to help.

Over Christmas I got a bit slack in enforcing the tickets going in the jar or having to be taken out to gain a treat or computer time. A couple of weeks ago I agreed with my daughter to start over again by taking all the old tickets out and starting with a clean slate. Interestingly there appeared to be more No ones in the jar than Yes ones...

I think the fresh campaign is more effective than the initial one. Sometimes just me saying if you don't do X right now I'll put a No in the jar has made her do something I've asked. She also likes collecting Yes tickets for getting herself and ready properly in the morning without me nagging.

I do think its a very effective tool as long as I remember to use it! What has worked for you?

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