Monday 28 March 2011

British Summer Time: Time for a change?

OK hands up if you found it really tough getting 1) yourself 2) your children up and ready for school/work this morning? That loss of an hour on Saturday/Sunday night isn't really felt until Monday morning by the majority of us. Compounded by the fact that it is now light at younger children's normal bedtime making for a later than normal sleep.

In 1880 an Act of Parliament established Greenwich Mean Time as the legal time in England, Wales and Scotland. Until 1916 Ireland had Dublin Mean Time. This should have put an end to all confusions over times etc.... but in 1916 they created British Summer Time to assist the war effort. In World War 2 there was even some double BST for part of the summer.

For a few years from 1968-1972 there was an experiment with British Standard Time with the clocks staying 1 hour ahead for the whole year. Does anyone remember this as I'm too young? Is there an argument to re-instate this now? Do we really need to have the hassles of changing all the clocks and other devices around the home twice a year plus the upset is causes our lives?

Are there cogent reasons in the 21st century to have both GMT and BST? On Wikipedia there is a great explanation of Daylight Saving Time with a map showing which countries use it, have stopped using it or have never used it. 

What do you think are you in favour of changing the clocks or do you want to ditch the change?


  1. Reason No 1: Scotland - children going to school/farmers/early workers etc ...

  2. I slept in this morning till 8.30am! Thank god I had a shower last night - I've never got out of bed so quickly before! LOL
    I love it when the clocks go forward generally, as it means more light! Plus, could you imagine if they didn't go forward... how early it'd be light in the summer? Like 3.30am! O.o No thanks! hehe :) xx


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