Thursday 10 March 2011

Debt Help: Christians Against Poverty

If you are struggling with debt and don't know where to turn then maybe you should consider calling Christians Against Poverty on 0800 328 0006. They provide FREE debt counselling for everyone (you don't have to be a Christian) and as a charity they are not in it for profit but just to help. They have been endorsed by Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert as well as banks and the courts as a great way to get out of debt. 

Instead of going to visit them they come and visit you in your home so its much more relaxed. This is their first of their "steps to freedom" where a Debt Coach and Support Worker take down all the financial details. They then send this off to the head office where a financial adviser works out a realistic and effect budget for your Debt Coach to bring back to discuss with you at your home.

Once this agreed you open up a special account with the organisation so that they can distribute money to your creditors and make sure your bills are paid. CAP will negotiate with any banks you owe money to so that there is a sensible payment plan. It is also possible to use this account to make savings or a voluntary donation to the charity.

If your debts are too great then they will help you through insolvency (bankruptcy) and assist with form filling and attend court with you.  As long as you work with them they will carry on assisting you until your debts are all gone.

So stop having sleepless nights and avoiding opening post or answering the phone and give them a call!

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