Friday 18 March 2011

Flashback Friday:Siblings

Not going so back up my family tree today as when searching for old photographs I came across this one and couldn't resist posting it instead:

This is my big girl cuddling her baby brother when he was 1 day old. The look on her face shows love and amazement - he doesn't look quite as impressed! This was taken almost 4.5 years ago and my son wouldn't fit on his big sister's knee any more. At the time he was a whopping 10 lb so doesn't look like a newborn baby but this was taken on the maternity ward at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings and St Leonards. Both of them are so much bigger and growing up fast but I hope the love is still there.

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  1. What a lovely moment to capture and treasure!

  2. What a gorgeous photo! He was a big baby wasn't he? Xx


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