Friday 11 March 2011

Fitness Friday: Week 11

Well it wasn't a massive loss this week as only half a pound but its better off than on! Been a very week and its often been a case of grabbing food when I can.. luckily I've obviously done enough exercise to counteract most of the diet...

There has been not a lot of meal planning happening this week and with very busy schedules I should have been more organised. As my Rosemary Conley instructor says when you are tired, hungry and in a hurry if see something quick and easy to grab from the fridge its easy to let the diet slip. I need to look ahead at the calendar so that I can use the slow cooker or at least leave jacket potatoes in the oven.

Almost every day I've done some form of exercise even if it's just on the Wii or some vigorous housework. This is obviously more than enough to use up my calorie intake so that I lost a little weight

The week ahead

My youngest is off away for the week so should be less hectic and easier to plan menus with my daughter. I got some stir fry veg in my shopping yesterday so that makes for a quick and easy tea one night. With it being Lent there are less naughty things around as we have given up sweets and chocolate as a family.

On Sunday I'm taking part in a 3 hour exercise class for charity! If that doesn't kill me then it should help shift some weight.. The Wii exercise programme is still going to be followed plus with no small person around I will have time to walk more.

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