Saturday 5 March 2011

Team Work

I am ending my week on an even better note than I started after a really good example of team work to make for a really successful World Book Day Sale in Staveley today. This was a major re-launch of my Usborne books business in Cumbria and so was a lot more intensive than I would normally do.

My children have been really helpful in helping to advertise the event by putting up posters and handing out leaflets. They also helped to stick address labels on all sorts of promotional material - its amazing what the bribery of a free book can get a child to do!

To make the event even more of an attractive prospect I had enlisted 2 other traders Sean of Treasure Trails Cumbria and Michelle from Phoenix Cards. This made for a really good combination of retailers with complimentary products. 

This morning my parents and their friends came along to help set-up as I had decided to take all my books along whilst I had the space! My children and I had got most of them out but they helped to complete the job and put in the finishing touches. After a pretty busy 2 hours my helpers returned for the fastest packdown I've ever completed.

So thanks a team of family and friends not only did I have a very profitable day but a much less hectic one. All I need to do now is capitalise on today with future home parties and other sales events. At least I know I have a team of willing volunteers to help out if I ever do such a big one off sale again! If you need an Usborne rep at a fund raising event or want to do a sponsored read or listen then check out to see what I can offer!

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