Wednesday 2 August 2017

#CountryKids Kilkenny Foot Golf

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The thing my son was most looking forward to about our trip was the chance for another round of Foot Golf! He even packed his new football boots to give him a better chance against me and took his own football... did he beat me after all of that...

This time we went to Pococke Golf club where there was a choice of regular golf, foot golf or even rugby golf! Of course there was only one option for him so we paid up and kicked off:

With all the combinations of games there were plenty of signs to keep us going on the correct greens:

Each hole had its own par ranging from 3-5 and a football sized hole to score into:

Some of the holes needed a really strong kick off to get them up the fairway:

Others had nasty slopes to overcome:

As you can see the rugby course had different holes as they were like paddling pools you have to chip the ball into:

Not all the holes were the same number for each game presumably to keep the games apart:

So who won? Well on the first 9 I was miles ahead, on the second 9 my son won but overall I was once again victorious! I am sure that next time it will be even closer and I may finally lose a match...

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