Monday 14 August 2017

#CountryKids in Waterford

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A change of scenery with a drive down to Waterford which is the oldest city in Ireland and the only one still bearing a Viking name. We parked on the waterfront and then walked down to Reginald's Tower, this is a medieval structure built on top of a Viking one:

Each floor of the tower had an exhibition about a different aspect of its history from Vikings to Medieval to a Georgian prison. It still very much felt medieval with the low arched doorways:

There were peep holes to act like a scary Viking through too:

On coming out we wandered further into the Viking Triangle for a well earned refreshment at the Bishop's Palace cafe:

Then it was time to head into the Medieval Museum next door:

This is built on the medieval foundations of a wine cellar and you start your tour by descending into them:

The next floor had an exhibition on the history of the city and why it was so important to both Ireland and the Kings of England. The Kings gave many charters to the city about wine and wool imports and these were all fastened together to prove these rights when in competition with the neighbouring city of New Ross:

There were some fun facts about the history of the city like this one about naughty corrupt women:

The connection to each of the Kings was highlighted with the events that linked to their reign. Here is my son in front of the statue of King Edward I:

One of the city's greatest treasures are the 15th century Dalmatic vestments which are the only ones surviving in Northern Europe:

Outside there was a classic photo opportunity with models of Lord Strongbow (2nd Earl of Pembroke) and his Irish Bride Aoife MacMurrough daughter of the King of Leinster. Not having a sister to pose didn't stop my son taking both parts:

In the next square we found a fabulous outdoor chess set so of course my son had to challenge me to a game:

Neither of us particularly knew what we were doing and eventually he check mated me:

There was a lot more we could have done but my son was itching to head off to his choice of activity for the day at Tramore...

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