Thursday 17 August 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful: Friends and Home #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

It's Thursday so it is time to celebrate our reasons to be cheerful! I have now recovered from a fun but tiring week co-ordinating a Single with Kids holiday in Pembrokeshire and have had plenty of reasons to smile as we are now midway through our summer holidays. Here are a few of them:

1) Old friends

We managed to come back from Pembrokeshire via Buckinghamshire to spend time with my High School friends and their families. Great to catch up in good company and in good weather! We have been friends since 1983 and spending time together is still fantastic:

2) Back to Kendal

As much as I loved Pembrokeshire I did miss Kendal so its great to be back with more time to soak up our local sights. This is Stramongate Bridge one of several old bridges across the River Kent:

Stramongate Bridge

3) Kindness & Support

I bumped into a friend in the supermarket and when I said I was buying myself some flowers she bought them for me! There are some tough things happening in our family but I know I have wonderful support from family and friends:

4) Operation House

I have spent almost every spare minute this holiday catching up on neglected housework and organisation! There is now a neater temporary store for my teaching resources, the downstairs is visitor friendly and I have added some nicer accessories to the bathroom to lift it:

5) Winning!

Back in May the children and I did the Kendal Colour Dash in aid of our local hospice St John's. There was a prize draw for anyone fundraising and we won £10 of local shop vouchers which I collected yesterday:

6) Fitness

Even though I only gained 2 lb on holiday (really not sure how I managed that!) I have come back determined to get back on track with getting fitter and healthier. So far I have run my fastest 2 km since October 2015 and a respectable 3 km. Yesterday I also walked 12,000 steps mostly playing Pokemon Go with my son (his missing phone turned up when we tidied the house!). So let's hope with running and walking I can be in reasonable shape when we go back to school in September:

Change Bridge

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