Saturday 23 March 2013

#CountryKids in the Church yard

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Church yards can be like a mini countryside setting whether they are in town or country. They are like a little green oasis and great places to spend time with children! Whether its looking for nature or reading the gravestones there is so much to do.

The church next to my children's school is a good place to fill 15 minutes when waiting to pick up the children. This week big girl was off sick so she and I spent time wandering around until little brother came out:

Some of the gravestones made us sad when you work out that the child buried there was only weeks if not months old. It may seem a bit morbid wandering around graves but my daughter and I found it very interesting and some stones had lots of fascinating information on them:

With it being a cold spring there were flowers to see but not much wildlife. In summer I've seen slow worms basking in the sun! Don't think we'd find much today as its coated in snow:

So why don't you take your children down to the churchyard? You can hunt for wildlife or flowers with any aged child. Get early readers to try out reading the gravestones. For older ones you can create a grave scavenger hunt:

  • earliest/most recent date for burial
  • youngest/oldest person buried in grave yard
  • how many different occupations
  • most common surname
  • anyone born somewhere overseas

I'm sure you can think of more to add!


  1. I find them so fascinating and love the history behind the grave stones

  2. I so agree, it may seem weird but cemeteries are good places to visit. We use our local one as a shortcut sometimes, I will take photo's one day. We have also spent time in cemeteries looking for clues to finding hidden 'treasure' (geocaching) Then there are regular visits to my family, which is sad, but it also makes me feel closer to them and I take a lot of pride in caring for the family plot.

  3. amazing what goes on some of them!

  4. none of my recent ancestors were buried! have enjoyed trips to Isle of Wight to find those there. Must take a trip to Lancashire to find some there..

  5. Elaine Livingstone23 March 2013 at 17:56

    I love graveyards, and agree they can be great places to wander round and read.

  6. I could happily wander for hours ;-)

  7. Cemeteries are very interesting and well cared for places. The old gravestones are really interesting and it's nice that your little girl is not frightened to explore them with you. Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

  8. I love walking through the graveyard. It is so peaceful and I'm so nosy that I do stop and read the really old gravestones.

  9. they've grown up visiting them so helps! always glad to join

  10. we walk through a lovely churchyard to get to town and i love seeing all the signs of the different seasons aswell as squirrels in the trees x

  11. I find churchyards fascinating too. Our Granny used to take us for walks in graveyards when we got the chance and my Grandad was actually a gravedigger at one point too!

  12. I think graveyards are fascinating, all that history, and so peaceful. Places of contemplation. Beautiful photos.


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