Monday 25 March 2013

Family Fun: Easter baking

My daughter decided she was going to make some Easter biscuits yesterday. A fun thing to do on a cold Sunday. So she grabbed her favourite cookery book and started looking for recipes she fancied making. Then she had a look to see if we had the ingredients in the cupboard... Uh oh we couldn't make of any of them.

So I turned to google and looked for recipes which only needed flour, sugar, margarine and eggs. A little bit of searching later and I found a recipe for Easter bunny biscuits. I had to then read out the ingredients to my daughter so she could measure them and then mix them in the bowl. We had one big mishap with an egg ending up on the floor but eventually the dough was ready to chill in the fridge.

After tea we got the dough out again and my daughter set to rolling it out, she quickly learnt that plenty of flour was needed to stop the dough sticking! Then it was time to cut out shapes using our biscuit cutters:

We had so much dough we could make lots of different shapes for me to bake in the oven:

It caused much amusement when one of our men shaped biscuits was a little bit more manly than the others:

The recipe was a little bit time consuming with the kneading and chilling but the biscuits are vanishing fast... We haven't decorated them like it says in the recipe they taste nice enough on their own. 

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